Monday, October 17, 2016

l o s t n e s s

at some point in your life you'll find yourself... well... nowhere. You won't know where to begin, you'll feel overwhelmed by the unbranded, uncut, cluttered, numerous amount of possible directions. You'll be lost.
This is not something to be afraid, but something to relish in. Being lost opens you up to the possibility of finding yourself anywhere. Anywhere! At any job, relationship, mindset, opinion, place, and the list goes countlessly on.
If you're nervous right now because of college, or your job, maybe you're afraid to take the next step, maybe you don't know what it is; that is ok! You are ok! It's going to work out because being lost is a lot like confidence, you just have to be ok with where you are to lose the feeling of "lostness". You'll start moving in all sorts of directions once you're comfortable not being sure how to.
So let it wash over you, take it on the chin, give in to the feeling and whatever you do - don't quit because of it.
Lost is a catalyst for an abundance of other directions.
Not every road heads north, not every place ends how you expected, not every person is who ya thought. To be uncomfortable is as natural as the need to eat. Ya just gotta do it sometimes even when the food tastes like crap.
Don't ever give up, keep going.